Wowza Magic Gate - Wowza Pet Store
Wowza Magic Gate - Wowza Pet Store
Wowza Magic Gate - Wowza Pet Store
Wowza Magic Gate - Wowza Pet Store

Wowza Magic Gate

The Wowza Magic Gate is rated as the #1 must-have dog fence of 2020. Keep your doggo in the other room while you have guests over without dealing with the unpleasant eye-sore that you'll experience with many other dog gates. 😍

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Wowza Magic Gate installs within seconds, is easy to move, and works just about anywhere!

Anchored by four (4) sticky hooks, the Wowza Magic Gate is made out of an extremely resilient mesh fabric that can hold up to 100lbs / 45kg. It also comes with two (2) metal poles that serve as the frame on the sides, keeping the fabric at its optimum height at all times.

Privacy for you and your dog is now only less than 30 seconds away with the Wowza Magic Gate!

1. Unfold the mesh fabric and insert the metal poles on both ends of the gate.
2. Peel the adhesive and place the first sticky hook. 
3. Latch one corner of the mesh fabric onto the first sticky hook.
4. Using the first hook and the attached gate as a guide, attach the second sticky hook. Make sure that they're far enough from each other that the mesh fabric is stretched at almost its maximum capacity. It's advisable to leave a bit of slack so you don't have a hard time unlatching the gate.
5. Attach the two remaining sticky hooks. Make sure that their distance is slightly narrower than the top sticky hooks.
6. Enjoy your privacy! 🥰

One (1) Wowza Magic Gate
Two (2) Metal Poles
Four (4) Sticky Hooks